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Bacardi Oakheart Cocktails Part 2

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A Little Bit Different…  

Following along from the seasonal cocktails the other day – we’ve got a few more for you from our friends at Bacardi UK, but these are a little bit more quirky than you might expect!

Bacardi Oakheart CocktailsAs with everything, the quality of the drink is dependent on the ingredients used.  With fruit juices – please do try to not use the “made from concentrate” versions which are cheaper and more widely available.  The freshly squeezed juice is a little more expensive, but tends to taste like the fruit rather than an overly sweet disaster zone…  Limes should be freshly squeezed – not the JIF long life type – trust us on this!
Bacardi Oakheart Cocktails: Oak Cask

Oak Cask:

50ml Bacardi Oakheart
50ml Rum Cask Innis & Gunn Beer (A fab beer and a favourite of
½ Passion fruit
25ml Butterscotch reduction
Egg white
Method: Put all the ingredients into a shaker, add ice, shake hard and strain into a glass.
Notes: Rather than just cutting your passion fruit in half and dropping it in your shaker – scoop out the insides.  The reduction is anyone’s guess – but I have seen a butterscotch sauce in the supermarket and it was too thick to reduce much if at all – so I would use as is.  I’d recommend you start with a small amount and add more depending on how you like the taste.

Bacardi Oakheart Cocktails: Rum Egg NogRum Egg Nog

50ml Bacardi Oakheart
5ml Amaretto
Whole Egg
2 teaspoon Vanilla Sugar
Method: Put all the ingredients in a shaker, add ice, shake and strain into a glass.  For those worried about any problems with raw eggs – the alcohol will kill any nasties!  Please do use fresh eggs though…

Eastern Promise

50ml Bacardi Oakheart
50ml Pineapple Juice
25ml Lime Juice
12.5ml Paprika Sugar Syrup
Method: Put all the ingredients in a shaker, add ice, shake and strain into a martini glass.
Notes: Paprika sugar syrup is an interesting one.  It will be there to add some zing without excessive heat – but unless you’re thinking of making a whole load of this, I’d probably start by using 12.5ml of regular sugar syrup and half a teaspoon of paprika directly to the shaker.
Bacardi Oakheart Cocktails: Eastern Promise

Bacardi Oakheart Cocktails: Curry CoolerCurry Cooler

50ml Bacardi Oakheart
25ml Mango Juice
25ml Orange Juice
Squeeze of Lime Juice
Top with soda
Method: Build all the ingredients directly in a highball glass.
Notes: Your guess on a squeeze of lime is as good as mine, but if I was guessing, I’d start with around 10ml.  Maybe stir the contents of the glass before adding the top of soda water.

Death By Chocolate

50ml Bacardi Oakheart
50ml Chocolate Milk
12.5ml Chambord
Method: Build in the glass.
Notes: Presumably build over cubed ice…
Bacardi Oakheart Cocktails: Death By Chocolate

Bacardi Oakheart Cocktails: Boody MariaBloody Maria

50ml Bacardi Oakheart
50ml Tomato Juice
Dash of Worchester sauce
Dash of Tabasco sauce
Squeeze of lemon juice
Method: build in a tankard or stein glass over cubed ice.
Notes: Traditionally garnished with a stick of celery which provides the ideal stirrer as well!  A squeeze of lemon?  Start at 10ml and see how it tastes…

Mad Hatter’s Tipple

50ml Bacardi Oakheart
12.5ml Vanilla Syrup
Raspberry Tea
Dash of egg white
3 Raspberries
Method: Put all the ingredients into a shaker, add ice, shake hard and strain into a glass.
Notes: Bit vague this one.  Twinning’s do some lovely fruit teas.  Make a cup but don’t add milk or sugar and do allow the teabag to properly infuse before removing from the cup.  Start with 50ml of tea in the recipe and half of an whole egg white and give it a go.  Every time makes a batch of sugar syrup, we put a small quantity of it aside and pop a vanilla pod in it.  After a few days, the vanilla infuses quite nicely.  If that sounds hard work – then most supermarkets will stock 250ml bottles of Monin Sugar cane syrup – a bit extravagant really, but the bottle is the perfect size to pop a vanilla pod into.
Bacardi Oakheart Cocktails: Mad Hatter's Tipple

Bacardi OakheartRum Databank: Bacardi Oakheart
Country of origin: Not stated
Age: Not stated
Cost: Under £20 for 70cl
[Under £15 = £ / £15 to £25 = ££ / £25 to £40 = £££ / £40 to £100 = ££££ / Over £100 = £££££]
Other Related Info: Spirit Drink made with Rum
Available From: Widely available in off-licences, supermarkets and online retailers
Twitter: @BacardiUK
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