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Diplomático Rum World Tournament

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Global Diplomacy…  

We recently got the nod from our friend Declan at Speciality Brands that one our all time favourite rum brands have launched their first global competition.  In fact it sounds so awesome, that I might submit an entry myself…
Diplomático Rum World Tournament Pauline and I would love to visit the DUSA facilities in Venezuela and I can’t tell you how many amazing stories we’ve heard about other people’s adventures there, so we think this is the competition all bartenders should be entering.  The representative of one of thirteen competing countries will travel to Venezuela to battle it out for the ultimate prize of $5,000…  An amazing prize – probably one of the very best we’ve heard of before.
UK entrants:
So if you’re thinking of entering (and why on Earth wouldn’t you) – then click on the image contains all you need to know.  I’d also recommend checking out the Bar Life UK article as they have (as always) an excellent summary perfect for the UK based bartenders: 
Diplomático Rum World Tournament
Diplomático Rum World Tournament Brief, brief summary:
  • Minimum 30ml of Diplomático rum (no other rum allowed – but why would you want to?), with a maximum of six ingredients.
  • A single drink to be submitted, which would be an original creation or an improvement of an original.  Submission via an email direct to Declan ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or via the Diplomático web entry form.
  • 5 UK regional heats (5th-13th March 2013) lead to the UK finals (8th April 2013) from which the UK winner will head onto the Global Finals (8th May 2013).  Competing in the finals will be part of an all expenses paid, 7 night trip to Venezuela. You must be available to travel between the 3rd and 13th May 2013.  The global final will require the representatives to compete in a number of challenges (details not known at time of publication).
I’d also advise keeping an eye on the Speciality Brands Facebook page for updates.  With this much at stake, you don’t want to risk missing out eh?  
Rest of the world:
I’m sure that your local distributors will be publishing their own details – but as I can’t share those with you as this time, I’d recommend you check out the main website for details: - Diplomático Rum World Tournament entry page
So if you’re looking for inspiration, then check out some of the following images at the bottom of this page and see if that tickles your fancy.  I’d also recommend checking out the Diplomático YouTube channel, as that has some excellent background on what really is a fabulous rum brand.
A brief reminder of the various Diplomático rum’s follows and of course we you should check out our write up of the Rum Club that Declan presented as well:
Diplomático Reserva Blanca: A blend of pot (majority) and column still rum aged up to 6 years then filtered to strip out the colour.  If you approach this white rum thinking it won’t have much flavour, then you’ll be very pleasantly surprised that you’re completely wrong.
Diplomático Añejo: A blend of two to four year old rums which consist of 95% column and 5% pot still.  It is described as being fairly typical light Latino (Cuban) style rum, but we think it is a rum that is easily overlooked, which would be a real shame.
Diplomático Reserva: A product made from rums of up to eight years old, although the Spanish style is not to put an age statement on the bottle.  The blend may take rums as young as two or three years old – it varies!  The blend consists of 80% column still and 20% pot still.  Evocatively described as a breakfast rum in one presentation, as well as a lunchtime, afternoon, pre-dinner, post dinner and nightclub rum as well…
Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva: This rum varies from the rest of the fold as it’s made from sugar cane honey, or perhaps more technically from the remains of the first press of sugar extraction.  By working with a first press ‘honey’ of very sugar rich molasses a great deal of the sweet flavour is retained through the distillation process.  The Reserva Exclusiva is an 80% pot still and 20% column still rum.  The age statement of a minimum of two year old and up to twelve year old rums in the blend is a little loose, but the majority of the rum in the bottle is ten to twelve years old.
Reserva Exclusiva is one of the three or four rums that switched on to the path we now tread.  The first time we tried Reserva Exclusiva was an amazing experience and the enjoyment that was gained from just a glassful blew our minds.  It’s a firm favourite and serious volume consumption is restricted only by our own limited budget (a big lottery win will change all that of course…)

 Diplomático Ambassador Selection

Diplomático Ambassador Selection: 100% heavy pot rum is aged for a minimum of 12 years in small American white oak, ex-bourbon casks.  A further two years in Pedro Ximénez changes the character of the rum, naturally sweetening and lending a dark chestnut colour to the rum contained therein.  Unlike the Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva which is enhanced with a little cane sugar, the Ambassador Selection is completely untouched – no sweeteners, caramel or other additives.  Ambassador is bottled straight from the barrel at an unusually high 47%ABV.
Read more about Diplomático Ambassador Selection in our write up here.
To use the Ambassador in a cocktail could be almost be an act of heresy in our eyes.  To drink this exceptionally fine rum in any other format than straight up would see fall into a state of bewilderment…  But secretly, how wonderful would it be to be to enjoy such a drink?
On a personal level, I’m pretty excited about the cocktails that this competition will inspire.  The UK alone is packed with so many talented bartenders, all capable of producing a world class winning drink – but with twelve other countries competing, I think this competition will really produce something special.  I just hope those competing allow the fabulous rum to shine through in their drink, rather than mask it out with trendy, bitter stuff that masks everything good about the rum in the first place…

Rum Databank: Ron Diplomático
Country of origin: Venezuela
Available From: Master of Malt
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Diplomático Rum World Tournament
Diplomático Rum World Tournament
Diplomático Rum World Tournament
Diplomático Rum World Tournament
Diplomático Rum World Tournament

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