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Mission Statement October 2012

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What Is The Floating Rum Shack? is the online-vessel for sharing our experiences in the world of rum and sugar cane spirits with a view to encouraging consumer participation and rum world domination… *
* Figuratively speaking of course…

Are we "Experts" or "Rum Connoisseurs"?

No!  We won’t profess (or pretend) to be the absolute authority on the subject or the truest connoisseurs.  All I can say is we love rum and we love the shared enthusiasm and social company that other rum fans the world over bring to the category.  We’ve learnt a bit over the last few years, but are humble enough to realise that there is a long way to go before we reach rum nirvana! is an adventure we really enjoy and that gives us an escape route from the ‘day job’.  The two lives keep us very busy and sometimes it’s difficult fitting it all in.

Why Do This?

We’ve had such a great time that we want everyone to know about a subject and a spirit category that’s growing for sure, but (in our humble opinion) still unknown by many and misunderstood by even more.  We aim to cast down the misconceptions and spread the rum love!
We will continue to feature rum cocktails and the whole Tiki vibe as we see and understand it.  It’s often to be found snuggling up close to a rum bottle anyway! may have a few Tiki mugs and idols dotted about the Shack – but we live in suburbia, not in a bamboo hut on the sandy beach of a distant tropical island…

Sample Bottles

We are happy to receive samples of rum for consideration and we’re always happy to give honest feedback on what we taste in conversation with the sender.  If a rum doesn’t really stand out, then it may not get a feature on the website at all.  It may be that it’s not very good or that it just doesn’t inspire us enough to try and squeeze out the few hours that an article demands.
“Blogger” integrity is being thrown around a lot these days.  If a product excites us for whatever reason it’s likely to be featured, if it doesn’t, then it comes down to a decision to spend time writing why it’s bad or writing about other things that excite us.  I guess that’s a decision dictated by how busy we are – this website isn’t a full time job, although we really wish it was.
We’ve never been paid to feature a rum or write nice things about it and I can’t see that changing anytime soon.
We’ve spent a lot of our own money in pursuing the hobby and we know we’ve given a great many brands a bit of a leg-up along the way.  I can’t see that changing anytime soon either.

Marketing Opportunities with

We really have enjoyed working with brands with reference to new product launches and hope that we will continue to have the opportunity.  We respect the fact that certain information needs to be held back – we have always understood that and can be trusted to act accordingly. uses Social Media to help spread the ‘word’ and feel that there is plenty of ‘gas in the tank’ with regard to new approaches and opportunities.
This service and information isn’t necessarily freely given though – if you’re interested – let’s talk!
Cheers and mahalo!
Pete & Pauline, October 2012

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