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“Our Bottles Changed. Our Rum Hasn’t”  

A few weeks ago William Grant & Sons UK officially unveiled the new, ‘premium’ packaging of Wood’s Old Navy Rum. We’d got a sighter of the lovely upgrade to the packaging when we met with the new Woods Brand Ambassador, Stephen ‘Mr Rum’ Rutherford back in February. Secrecy and ‘all that’ meant we hide our gift bottle away to allow maximum impact on the release. Shame – I think it is a great improvement on what was (actually) quite an iconic package before. I say iconic – I don’t mean I particularly liked it…
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Bacardi Legacy UK Winner and Global Preview

Countdown To San Francisco!  

If you follow the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition, then the fact that Iain Griffiths was crowned as the UK champion a few weeks ago will not come as news to you, but I’ve held off posting the result because I wanted to try his serve properly and now that I have, I’ve got some thoughts I'd like to share.
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Carnival Expo 2016

Rum and Carnival…  

Date: 30th April / 1st May 2016
Venue: The Kia Oval
Kennington, London SE11 5SS
In a few weeks, Carnival Expo returns. The perfect prelude to Notting Hill Carnival, Europe’s biggest street carnival event. If you've a mind to play mas, or want to find out more – this is ‘the’ event for you. Happily, for us we've a stand at the show, so we can share some rum love and education through some tutored tastings of rums both familiar and new. 
We’d love it if you come on down and say hi!
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Spirit Producers of Brazil are Planning a Miami Invasion

“Don't Call It Rum”  

I have to admit to being more than just a little bit fascinated by the category of cachaça – varied, intensely flavoursome and nicely beyond the exclusive use of American Oak. In short – there’s a whole world of something new to sip if only you take a moment to indulge…
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House of Angostura Repackages International Rums

New Look, Same Rum!*  

It’s not the first time in the last few years that Angostura have made some packaging changes, but it is the first time that the core export range finally has a sense of ‘family’ about its look! I’m thinking it’s a move in the right direction, but can’t wait to get a bottle of the 7, 1919 or 1824 in hand, just to be sure.
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Havana Club Brings New 7 Year Old Bottle

Hmmm… Sensual Curves  

Press Release: Havana Club has unveiled a new design for its 7-Year-Old expression which is renowned for putting Cuban rum on the map as the global leader of the super-premium rum category. The new Havana Club 7 bottle will be available to purchase from May.
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Miami Rum Renaissance Festival and Trade Expo 2016

Miami 2016…  

Despite our own budget not quite being able to get us out to Florida this year, we have to take a moment to let everyone know &/or remind you that the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival returns for its 8th outing on the 15th to the 17th of April. You’ll always find your favourite brands of course, but in our experience, it’s always the place to find those exciting new producers as well. Take a moment to check out the Rum Renaissance website for all the details!
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St Lucia Distillers Set to Travel Around the North of England

Chairman’s Reserve On The Road!  

Press Release: This April, UK distributor Emporia Brands have put together a calendar of events involving its award-winning St Lucia Distillers range.
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Sailor Jerry Announces Range of Collectable Bottle Wraps

Limited Edition Artwork!  

Sailor Jerry will be releasing a series of collectable, iconic flash art bottle wraps and cups throughout the duration of 2016. Released exclusively in the UK and Australia, the first two designs from this limited edition release will be hitting shelves from April, with the second two designs to follow later in the year. 
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The 11th Havana Club Cocktail Grand Prix

Havana Calling!  

PRESS RELEASE: Havana Club is inviting bartenders to take part in the national heats for the 11th biennial Havana Club Cocktail Grand Prix. As one of the world’s longest running and largest cocktail-making challenges, bartenders will compete for the honour of representing their country at the global finals in Havana, Cuba where they will be testing their talents against top mixologists from over 40 markets.
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Havana Club New Limited Edition Series

Tributo Collection…  

I’m rather hoping that the brand new Tributo Collection rums from Havana Club have absolutely no reference to cigars, both implicitly or implied upon the bottles or packaging. At least this way, there is a chance that they will not fall foul of annoying smoking related restrictions that prevent them from being sold in the UK. I (of course) refer to the last amazing release: Havana Club Union that suffered from just that problem. Anyway – this sounds super tasty and something I really want to get stuck into.
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Ron Zacapa Reserva Limitada 2015

Less Herb Garden, More Re-Charring…  

Last November, Ron Zacapa has announced the launch of its third annual limited edition: Reserva Limitada 2015. Back when we tried the first Reserva Limitada release (2013), Lorena Vasquez told us that certain barrels fall out of the tasting specification needed for regular production – but that didn’t mean they were faulty – just more difficult to work with from the blending point of view. The upside to this was that these spare barrels allowed Lorena to ‘play’ a little more with blending etc. Since then, there has been a 2014 and now, a 2015 release; mostly I guess, because they are proving to be popular and it further reinforces the image that the brand likes to project.
We have just received a tasting dram, so thought we’d run the release.
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Corby Pernod Ricard UK Lambs Deal

The Cuban Navy Sets Sail…  

Happy to see rumours circulating last October were true - Pernod Ricard UK (PRUK) will now be behind Lambs Rum in the UK. Interesting to see how Bacardi brought other rum styles under their wing (Banks and their Single Cane Estate Rums and Leblon Cachaça), then the recent acquisition of St Lucia Distillers by the Martinique-based Groupe Bernard Hayot whom own Rhum J.M and Rhum Clément once again brought together different styles of rhum/rum making into a bigger, more diverse portfolio. With the very different Navy / Cuban style rums in its portfolio - PRUK are fitting nicely into what appear to be a trend. It sure is a wonderful time to be into rum!
Read on for more about the Corby/Lambs deal, along with a clarification of brand ownership.
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Groupe Bernard Hayot Acquires St Lucia Distillers

Connected Across The St Lucia Channel!  

It seems the booze industry is the worst place to keep secrets, and once again the tip that the group behind Rhum J.M and Rhum Clément has proved to be true. They weren’t the only ones though – St Lucia Distillers (SLD) was sought by a number of interested parties.
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Paris Rhum Festival 2016 Preview

Destination: Paris!  

When: 2nd-4th April 2016
Where: Parc Floral, Paris
The good news for us is that the first major rum festival of the year is almost upon us and we can’t wait to get involved. There’s certain ‘something’ about the rhummy environment – Parc Floral may be a bit of a pain in the ass to get to from the middle of Paris, but it’s a really attractive location and adds the pleasing aesthetic to proceedings. For me, it’s an opportunity to get to grips with the cane juice option in a volume of different expressions that Rum Festivals in other countries tend to lack.
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Clement Ti-Punch Cup

The 2016 Global Finals – A Preview  

Initially drawn by the relative simplicity of the Rhum Clément Cocktail Competition brief two years ago, I have to say that I was pretty pleased to be asked to be involved in judging the UK heats in 2015. Last July (2015), I rocked up at Tales of the Cocktail for the first time – and got involved with judging that lead to the selection of two of the three US finalists. Having seen the qualities of four of the finalists first hand, coupled with the reputations of some of the others and the bars they represent, I’m super excited to see how the global finals will play out.
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2016 Rum Festivals

2016: A Year Of Rum!  

Same drill as last year: if you are organising a rum, other spirits, cocktail or tiki festival (both trade and consumer focused) anywhere in the world, please do let us know so we can add your details to the list.


Email us at: thefloatingrumshack [at] gmail [dot] com

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Valentines with FAIR Rum

Rum Lovers (Part 2) – The #LOVEAFAIR  

The team at FAIR Spirits have come up with a worldwide project to celebrate Valentine’s weekend with a series of themed serves at a large number of bars that you can track down using the #LOVEAFAIR hashtag.
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Valentines with El Dorado

Rum Lovers (Part 1)  

It's at this time of year our inbox always turns up a few ‘Cocktail d’amour’ suggestions, and of course not all are worth sharing – especially when they don’t contain rum! This one (however) contains a favourite of our: El Dorado 12 Year-Old and is being featured by Cloud 23 in Manchester and includes a relatively new liqueur to the UK market: Lanique
Ladies and Gentlemen – the Montague!
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South Coast Rum Club

It's Rum Time at The Library  

We like to drink rum… We also like to encourage other people to drink rum, by helping them to appreciate all the good things that our favourite spirit category can bring to their drinking experience. Let’s face it, a Rum Club (the ultimate social rum drinking experience) is right up there with the best of times right?
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RumRatings Best Rums of 2016

The Top 5…  

Our friends at RumRatings have shared some interesting insight on what are proving to be the most popular rums featured on the website. Very interesting that all of them are of the ‘sweeter’ style… Read on and let us know what you think by tweeting us (@FloatingRumShac) and @rumratings with your thoughts.
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