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Rum Lovers (Part 2) – The #LOVEAFAIR  

The team at FAIR Spirits have come up with a worldwide project to celebrate Valentine’s weekend with a series of themed serves at a large number of bars that you can track down using the #LOVEAFAIR hashtag.
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Valentines with El Dorado

Rum Lovers (Part 1)  

It's at this time of year our inbox always turns up a few ‘Cocktail d’amour’ suggestions, and of course not all are worth sharing – especially when they don’t contain rum! This one (however) contains a favourite of our: El Dorado 12 Year-Old and is being featured by Cloud 23 in Manchester and includes a relatively new liqueur to the UK market: Lanique
Ladies and Gentlemen – the Montague!
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South Coast Rum Club

It's Rum Time at The Library  

We like to drink rum… We also like to encourage other people to drink rum, by helping them to appreciate all the good things that our favourite spirit category can bring to their drinking experience. Let’s face it, a Rum Club (the ultimate social rum drinking experience) is right up there with the best of times right?
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RumRatings Best Rums of 2016

The Top 5…  

Our friends at RumRatings have shared some interesting insight on what are proving to be the most popular rums featured on the website. Very interesting that all of them are of the ‘sweeter’ style… Read on and let us know what you think by tweeting us (@FloatingRumShac) and @rumratings with your thoughts.
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UK Release for Havana Club Essence of Cuba

…At Last! Well Nearly…  

So a few weeks back (saying last year makes it seem so long ago right?) we took part in a Twitter Tasting along with The Cocktail Lovers that explored the concept and use of the Essence of Cuba drink flavourings. The effect on an Old Fashioned style serve was pretty remarkable – and of the four flavours, it’s a sure-thing that one or two will appeal more than the others. 
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Lost Spirits Technology Takes Home Global Prize for Innovation

World's Top Alcohol Trade Industry Publication Announces Lost Spirits Has Been Awarded First Prize in Innovation Worldwide for 2015

The Lost Spirits team really have been making waves and this award is a great recognition of just how far they have got. For my two pence, having the spikes on the analysis line up with an authentically aged spirit doesn’t automatically mean that all rum companies will be scrapping their barrels in the future – it’s pretty good, but not the ultimate solution. It could be a great way of kick-starting the traditional process for added maturity of course, but a number of companies set great store in the notion of their aged stock and other spirit categories – such as cognac or Scottish whisky – are highly unlikely to sanction the use of the technology. That said, the rum ‘wild west’ could well go balls deep and who knows where that will get us? What I’m 100% sure of is, that this is a company to watch and that any opportunity to hear Bryan and Joanne speak should be taken wholeheartedly as they really are super interesting and lovely people!
Press Release
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Chairmans Reserve Spiced Rum Punch

It’s Party Time St Lucia Style!  

Our friends at Emporia have shared a fab Chairman’s Reserve Spiced rum serve that ticks all the boxes for your Christmas and New Year’s parties. The Spiced rum is based on the same high-quality spirit as the award-winning Chairman’s Reserve and has been infused with authentic Caribbean spices such as cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and local speciality bois bandé and forms a great base on which to build a cocktail.
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Classic Cocktails and Cuban Cocktails

A Tale of Two Cocktail Books  

A few weeks back we found ourselves at the launch of Salvatore Calabrese’s Classic Cocktails book. Technically it was the relaunch as the book was originally released in 1997. This release has Salvatore revisiting and revising the original, adding a great deal more detail and depth to some sections. Whilst we were there, we found out from the distributor (GMC Distribution) about another book: Cuban Cocktails that sparked our interest as well. As it turns out they offer complimentary approaches to the subject of cocktails and so I thought I’d take a moment to consider both.
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The Periodic Table of Cocktails

GinMonkey Goes Hardback…  

I'm taking a moment to feature The Periodic Table of Cocktails, a book written by Emma Stokes (widely known to many as GinMonkey) who is our best-est Gin-drinking buddy. How she had time for it given the vast amount of everything else she seems to fit into her life is beyond me, neither-the-less she has still produced a book that in my opinion is a perfect starting point for those starting to explore the world of cocktails. It should be top of the list of for anyone wondering what to get for a friend or family member who loves booze this Christmas.
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Be At One Bar adds the Pussers Painkiller

... And We're Feeling Better Already!  

Good news for Pusser’s Painkiller fans. From this month, the world famous Painkiller will be making an appearance at Be At One venues across the country. I don’t normally post about a bar chain like Be At One adding a serve to the menu, but given it’s one of our personal fav’s it’s newsworthy in our eyes. It’s also good to know that there is a better chance of us getting a proper rummy option on our travels.
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Build Your Own Spirit-Filled Advent Calendar

Continued Innovation By Master of Malt  

Press Release: For the first time ever, Master of Malt is letting customers pick the contents of their own spirit-filled Advent Calendar from an extensive dram selection of over 4,000 whiskies, gins, rums and many other spirits.
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A Tale of Two Stills – A Response

Featured Post By Richard Seale, Foursquare Distillery

I was very disappointed to read the November editorial of ‘Got Rum’ magazine by publisher Luis Ayala. It seems as though Luis is responding to hearsay rather than making a substantive commentary on the Gargano Classification of Rum. It is not about Pot v Column; it is much more nuanced than that. Luca Gargano of Velier, Italy is one of the leading independent bottlers of rum and considered one of the category’s foremost authorities. He is not “lacking in the knowledge to push the concept”. I am confident once Luis has it properly explained, he will support the initiative. 
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Carta Switchel Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2016

‘Carta Switchel’ Iain Griffiths: [Dandelyan]  

To conclude the eight UK Bacardi Legacy Semi-Finalists, we are pleased to feature Carta Switchel by Iain Griffiths.
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The Family Secret Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2016

The Family Secret’ Andrew Dickey [The Merchant Hotel]

Our penultimate Bacardi Legacy UK Semi-Finalist serve is by Andrew Dickey of The Merchant House in Belfast. Andrew admitted some of his best ideas come to him around 4am much like this one!
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Father and Son Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2016

‘Father and Son’ Ryan Snedden [Tonic Edinburgh]  

Our sixth Bacardi Legacy UK Semi-Finalist, Ryan Sneddon has found inspiration in his relationship with his father, and a connection to the Bacardi family history in creating his serve, ‘Father and Son’.
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Amistat Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2016

‘Amistat’ Oliver Pluck [The East Village]

It seems that a well-earned moment of rest in front of the TV inspired our fifth featured UK Bacardi Legacy Semi-Finalist to create a serve that draws on Bacardi’s troubled past and future hopes. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ‘Amistat’ by Oliver Pluck, of The East Village bar in Leeds.
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Rooted In Santiago Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2016

‘Rooted in Santiago’ Madeline Martin [Flipside Cocktail Club]  

Our fourth UK Bacardi Legacy Semi-Finalist is a relative newcomer to both the UK and the drinks industry but has created a serve that saw her win the South West Heats. Citing a personal connection in using coconut water, which has the obvious connection to ‘El Coco’ – the coconut tree that stood at the Bacardi Distillery in Cuba - Madi takes the cocktail in an interesting direction and is one I'm super keen to try.
Ladies and gentlemen, I’m happy to present for your drinking pleasure ‘Rooted in Santiago’.
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Mariposa Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2016

‘Mariposa’ Robb Collins [London Cocktail Club]  

Happiness Is A Butterfly…*  
Robb Collins is our third UK Bacardi Legacy Semi-Finalist. Robb works at the Goodge Street London Cocktail Club and has created Mariposa, a serve that’s extremely easy to create for yourself, but has (in Robb’s opinion), all the makings of a classic!
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Penny Blue XO Single Cask No 28

Cask #28…  

Back when Batch #004 Penny Blue XO was unveiled last July, we were invited to the official launch at Milroy’s where, as part of the presentation the team indicated that a Single Cask offering was going to be made. Kinda feels a little earlier than planned but true as their word – Cask #28 has now been revealed to the world!
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Penny Blue XO Rum Batch 004

The Penny Drops!  

I was recently reminded I’d not posted about Penny Blue XO Batch #0004 which was released last July when I received notice of the Single Cask that’s just been released! More about the Single Cask in the next article, but for now it’s worth catching up on batch 4 and sharing some of the very interesting Q&A that came out of the official launch at Milroy’s.
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Family Tie Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2015

‘Family Tie’ Peter Nguyen [China Tang]

When Chris Moore revealed his top tips for Legacy success, a key part of it was the notion of choosing a theme that was close to you – something tangible, something real. Take it, make it work with not just the serve, but the whole concept. Looking for a solid connection with Bacardi will then give you a strong chance of success and in this case, there’s nothing more resonant than the notion of ‘family’.
Peter Nguyen takes this and makes it his own as we continue our look at this year’s UK Semi-Finalists.
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