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And The Winner Is…  

Ages ago we supported Sailor Jerry in their Bartender Appreciation Day promotion – a worthy cause and something we’d always endorse! It had kinda slipped my mind, but an email the other day reminded me of the winner and I just wanted to take a minute to share it with you all.
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Bacardi UK Legacy Cocktail Competition Winner

And The Winner Is…  

Last night at an intimate (and dare I say) secretive location, the winner of the UK Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition was named. It’s fair to say that any of the three finalists could have walked away with the prize, but in the end there can be only one…
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Young Cuban – Cocktail of the Week

A Future Classic…  

I held off running a Cocktail of the Week serve this week, least ways until the winner of the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition was announced. All three serves in the running were excellent, but in the end Ally Martin’s serve, Young Cuban won on the night at so Ladies and Gentlemen… I present the Young Cuban as our Cocktail of the Week!
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Bacardi UK Legacy Cocktail Competition 3MP 2014 Review

It’s Decision Time…  

The 25th September 2014 saw three UK Bartenders selected as the Three Most Promising (3MP) and thus put forward to enjoy a period of six months in which they promote both themselves and their serve – ostensibly to allow the UK Bacardi team to make a more educated decision on which of the three had the best chance of winning the Global Finals in May this year. This phase of the competition ended last week and I don’t work for Bacardi, but I’m pretty damn sure this choice has had to be the most difficult of all time.
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Plantation Original Dark Rum New Look and Taste

Kaizen Rum Style…  

Ferrand have revealed a change in the production process of Plantation Original Dark Rum. Originally produced containing rums from Trinidad & Tobago, now Plantation Original Dark will also include rich Jamaican rums. 
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Foursquare Rum UK Tour Dates 2015

Richard Seale Rum Masterclasses  

We don’t often have Richard Seale of Foursquare Distillery (Doorly's, RL Seale, Rum SixtySix, Old Brigand, ESA Field) in Barbados, here in the UK that often. So the opportunity to hear him speak on the technical aspects of rum (and other things) are limited. Eaux de Vie / Marussia Beverages have lined up a whistle-stop tour (that’s entirely outside London) for next week. Details of which follow.
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Corn N Oil – Cocktail of the Week

The Bajan Connection…  

I was a little undecided as to where to go next with our Cocktail of the Week serve, but given yesterday’s Rum School at Sugar Cane was on the subject of rums from Barbados, there seemed to be only one choice… Ladies and Gentlemen… The Corn N’ Oil.
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Miami Rum Fest and International Trade Expo

6 Weeks and Counting…  

The Miami Rum Renaissance Festival, now in its seventh year, is bringing new rum brands to the United States and Miami for the very first time. Held April 17 to 19 at the DoubleTree Miami Airport Convention Center, the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival and Trade Expo features three days of grand tasting events for consumers and members of the spirits industry trade.
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Spiridom World of Rum

Trying To Make Sense Of It All…  

Recently Spiridom, a company that distributes a number of agricole rhums released an infographic called The World of Rum. A simple tool designed to help complete rum-novices make some sense of the varied world of rum. To say it's been met with a storm of comments would be an understatement, but the source of the information for most - an article in the Spirits Business - didn't include the background reasoning and ambitions behind the project. Something I can share at this time because the intent is entirely valid, even if the first draft could do with a bit of a tweak.
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Bacardi Daiquiri – Cocktail of the Week

Daiquiri Time Out…  

In a couple of days’ time, will be getting along to one of the UK-wide events in which Bacardi have been officially revealing their newly repackaged Carta range first hand to the drinks industry, journalists and the public in general. We’ve been promised a Sensorial Experience, but I think it’s a safe bet we will be offered a daiquiri or two as well!
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Havana Club Unión Rum

A Most Appropriate Companion…  

Havana Club have just released Unión, the first-ever rum made to perfectly match a Cuban cigar, namely the Cohiba Siglo VI. Not since the release of Selección de Maestro (a firm favourite of ours) have I been quite so excited to get a sip or two!
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Tormenta Negra – Cocktail of the Week

Haven’t I Seen That Somewhere Before?  

Last year during the Untameable launch, we got the news that the UK would expand its portfolio to include Bacardi Black, now known as Carta Negra. It’s a dark rum, with a bolder taste profile that stands out in comparison with the others in the range. A boldly flavoured rum can stand up to an appropriately flavoursome mixer hence Bacardi’s choice for its signature serve… Ladies and Gentlemen: the Tormenta Negra!
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Aroma Academy Masterclasses

Unlock Your Senses!  

I think it’s fairly safe bet to assume that the people who enjoy their wines and spirits do so because of the amazing variety of taste and aromas that are present to be enjoyed. If it’s because you just want to get drunk, then you are probably A) not going want to continue with this article and B) probably not really on the right website. But for everyone else... Please read on!
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The Duppy Share Rum Spirit Social Evenings

Get Involved With The Duppies…  

Win a Pair of Tickets with!

The Duppy Share rum is to launch a series of six monthly pop-up bar nights showcasing the very best of London’s spirits scene. 
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Cuba Libre – Cocktail of the Week

“To a Free Cuba!”  

What with the Bacardi repackaging news and all the conversation I’ve been having with rum-friends about Bacardi Gold – or Carta Oro as we are now calling it – made me want to feature it and the one serve that I’ve had my fair share of over the years. Ladies and Gentlemen: the Cuba Libre! 
Warning… If the notion of rum and coke served together offends, please go no further, to everyone else – read on!
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Mojito – Cocktail of the Week

“My Mojito in the Bodeguita del Medio…”   

The mojito… Rum, sugar, lime and mint… It’s certainly got to be one of the most popular rum cocktails of all time and Ernest Hemingway is famously quoted confirming where he preferred his to be served. It’s a really simple serve, well within the reach of all skill sets and we’ve got some great tips from the experts to help you out a little.
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Bacardi Rum Gets A Brand New Look

Same Rum, Stylish New Look…  

Feb 4th… Bacardi Founders day… Seems appropriate to announce something big… “BACARDÍ rum has announced the first packaging update to the world’s number one selling rum in more than a decade” and in true Bacardi style, it seems no expense has been spared in both development and telling the story – as befits the world’s bestselling rum.
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Two Dons - Cocktail of the Week

A Tale of Two Dons…  

A Tuesday evening visit to The Treehouse, Beaconsfield is normally a chance to catch up, enjoy a drink… This time, Bar Manager Matthew Hastings made me his “Two Don’s” cocktail – a serve he’s entered into the Diplomático World Tournament cocktail competition – and whilst I can’t tell you if it’s going to win the comp or not, I can tell you it’s ticking all my boxes right now. Matthew was happy to share, so… Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new Cocktail of the Week!
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Rum School at Sugar Cane Bar

Drinking and Learning...  

Where: Sugar Cane Bar
247 Lavender Hill
London SW11 1JW
When: 10th February 2015
Time: 7.00pm
Running every second Tuesday of the month
Cost: Free!
Aimed at the complete beginner, with no prior spirits knowledge required, Rum School at Sugar Cane Bar is a series of events that will look to enlighten the attendee to the diverse and tasty spirit category of rum. Fear not – just because the word ‘School’ features, there are no exams or homework – not unless you count sipping some fine rums outside of ‘class’ hours that is…
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Thinking Drinkers Guide to the Legends of Liquor

...Everybody Needs Some Liquor To Love!  

If you are the sort of person that enjoys such trivia as the frankly staggering amount of booze that Andre the Giant could consume or the cultural and religious connections that the Mexican Goddess Mayahuel had with alcohol then there is a very good chance that the Thinking Drinkers show really will be the perfect entertainment for you. It certainly made for a great nights entertainment for us the other night.
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Golden Demerara Swizzle – Cocktail of the Week

Swizzle It Baby!  

This week it seems fitting that we feature a cocktail containing El Dorado rum, as the sad news was confirmed that Stefanie Holt has left her position as the Global Brand Ambassador in order to pursue an exciting new position. We like to think of it as the official serve of the week long leaving drinks party!
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