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To mark their 75th Anniversary, Ron Botran have put together something dramatically different to all the ‘regular’ box set rums that you might expect. Officially launched on the 1st October, we got an advance peak at the thinking behind the product, namely the CoCreate tagline.
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RumBlender Unique Rum Blend Gift

Wingman’s Blend: The Perfect Gift!  

Our buddy Richard (a.k.a. Wingman) has been pretty good to us of late, helping us out with all kinds of things and so we wanted to get him a little 'something' by way of thanks. Having had a little experience of the Davey Jones Revenge blend loaned to us by for our recent Carnival Expo stand – we thought a personalised rum was going to tick all the boxes!
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Authentic Caribbean Rum News

WIRSPA Names Neil Morris as Global Ambassador for the ACR Marque  

This news from WIRSPA is perhaps primarily of interest to the drinks industry, but I’m running it as the footnotes on member countries and producers is well worth knowing.
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Drinks by The Dram Rum Advent Calendar 2015

Christmas Already? 

Don’t worry, it’s not 'Rumvent' yet (and we've not missed Halloween or Guy Fawkes Night), but I guess it’s worth knowing what’s going to be available to help lubricate your way into Christmas 2015… Especially as you might need to start saving your pennies should you want to explore one for yourself?
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Angostura Announces French Oak Cask Rum

New Limited Edition Rum in the Exclusive Cask Collection Range  

Despite finding the first release disappointingly sweet, we’re still quite excited by and looking forward to trying the next release in the Angostura Cask Collection range. Until then, I’d like to share the press release with you all.
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Plantation Black Cask Rum

The Power of Three?  

The team at Plantation Rum are upping the game with a three country (Barbados, Belize and Trinidad) rum blend that’s been through three maturation steps. For now it’s only available in Denmark and Germany, but things change – especially if it proves to be popular.
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Ron Zacapa Reveals New Packaging

New Look…  

Press Release: Ron Zacapa, has announced the launch of new distinctive packaging for variants 23 and XO. The new bottle designs create added stand out on-shelf in retail or behind the bar, giving the two products a distinctive point of interest for bartenders and consumers. Ron Zacapa is a key player within the luxury dark spirits category, and with premium rum experiencing strong growth of 12.6% in volume and value[i], this is the perfect time for Diageo to launch these new brand designs.
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BACARDÍ Legacy Cocktail Competition returns for seventh year

Can You Continue the BACARDÍ Legacy?  

The BACARDÍ Legacy Cocktail Competition, now returning for its 7th Year is inviting bartenders from around the world to enter. The increasingly popular competition attracts some of the world’s most talented bartenders as they compete to create a cocktail that will stand the test of time. 
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The Ride Sailor Jerry Hits The Road

…In Search of the Ultimate Road Trip in the UK  

Sailor Jerry fans take note! Kicking off in London on 22nd August, Sailor Jerry will be hitting the road for two weeks of bad-ass bikes, smokin’ wood-fired BBQ’s, sunsets and live music. They will be setting off on a courageous journey of balls-to-the-wall riding, scenic pit stops and the odd Sailor Jerry throw down, finishing up at Grillstock Festival on 6th September. 
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Appleton Rum From Jamaica With Love UK Campaign

Cane To Cup!  

Here in the UK, Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum are close to rolling out the new look product range (which we reported back in April) and have coupled this with the ‘From Jamaica with Love’ campaign. Looks like there will be a nice tie in with Octobers Rum Week (the prelude to the London RumFest, so that’s something to look forward to as well!
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Bacardi Gran Reserva Rum Range Leads New Strategy

Take A Ticket And Join The Queue…  

From a company that seemingly didn’t do anything new for years, to a company that has a new product press release virtually on a weekly basis… Bacardi sure have moved on. I almost let this one pass by but I’ve decided to share this press release, not because it’s teaching us anything new – but because it does feel like it represents a new company way of thinking and that’s worth noting, if only to see how it plays out over time.
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Foursquare Rum Twitter Tasting

Let's Talk About Bajan Rum...  

When: 18th August 2015
at 7pm (UK time)
Hashtag: DoorlysTT
Hot on the heels of our recent Pusser’s Twitter Tasting, we are super excited to be bringing you the news that one of the world’s best-known rum makers, Richard Seale of Foursquare Distillery in Barbados, will be joining us for an exclusive Twitter Tasting of some of his very best rums. Richard is well known for his honest and passionate views on rum and we hope and expect his conversation on the night will be no less forthright.
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Carnival Expo 2015

Carnival and Rum…

Date: 8th / 9th August 2015
Time: See event Schedule
Venue: The Kia Oval
Kennington, London SE11 5SS
This year, the first ever Carnival Expo launches as a prelude to Notting Hill Carnival, Europe’s biggest street carnival event. If you’ve a mind to play mas, or want to find out more – this is the event for you. We’ve a stand at the show, so we can share some rum love and education through some tutored tastings of rums both familiar and new. Come on down and say hi!
…and to help things on the ticket front, we’ve a wonderful 75% discount for you and your friends when they use our promotional code. Click here: or use code TFRS if you buy your tickets through the official website.
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Jamaica Rum Tings Summer 2015

Jamaica Rum Tings Returns This Summer  

‘Jamaica Rum Tings’ now in its third year and is looking bigger, better and bolder than before; a true celebration of Jamaican Independence. ‘Jamaica Rum Tings ’ comes to London’s legendary Big Chill House in Kings Cross for a Carnival warm up whilst wrapping up this summer’s series of events for a unique day and night takeover and we’ve four pairs of tickets (which includes 2 free drinks tokens each) to give away so you can get involved – details at the end of this article!
Jamaica Rum Tings – Carnival Warm-Up Party
Big Chill House, Kings Cross
Saturday 29th August 2015
Entry 12pm -3am
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Pusser’s Grog – Cocktail of the Week

So Who’s For Grog?  

This year is the 45th Anniversary of the very last Royal Navy Rum Ration being issued aboard Her Majesty’s ships. It seems odd to celebrate such an event, but truth be told even back in the 1960’s the notion of a regular ration of high strength booze being issued to those in charge of day to day operations on board a vessel capable of making war (and don’t forget some vessels could actually fight a nuclear war!) was more than a little off. It might have taken a fair bit of argument through parliament, but after a couple of years finally an act of parliament was passed and on the 31st July 1970, the final rum ration was issued.
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Mount Gay Rum News

Rémy Cointreau Have the Complete Package Now  

The latest press release from Rémy Cointreau confirms that Mount Gay Distilleries have purchased the historical Mount Gay plantation to pursue the creation of luxury ‘terroir’ rum. In January 2015, Mount Gay Distilleries acquired a 134-hectare land around its distillery, in the Northern Parish of St Lucy, Barbados. 
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Black Tot Day 2015

Life’s Still a Beach…  

…at Camden Beach! Pusser’s Rum returns to Camden Beach (The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8EH) this coming Friday 31st July to mark the 45th Anniversary of Black Tot Day. It’s ‘Up Spirits’ from 5pm. There will be rum and masterclasses – it’s a great opportunity to try the rum and find out a little more about the history and traditions that underpin Royal Navy Rum! But if that’s a little too far away for you, then the events tab on the website might help you find the nearest to you.
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El Dorado Rum Bartender Cocktail Competition 2015

Bartenders Take Note… 

The El Dorado Demerara Rum Cocktail Competition is now open to enter! The team at Lovedrinks have shared the details with us and we wanted to pass them along to you all. The prize is a trip to Guyana where you’ll get to visit the Diamond Distillery where the award-winning range is made.  You’ll also get the chance to experience some the most natural and beautiful surroundings in Guyana including Kaiteur Falls, the world’s largest water single drop waterfall.
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The ‘New Single Malt’ Rum?

An Exclusive Launch in Travel Retail

Bacardi have been in the drinks industry news quite a lot of late. The sad news of a large number of lay-off’s due to restructuring. The decline in white rum sales meaning Drinks International ran the article “King of rum Bacardi falls to (Indian Rum) McDowell’s” (BTW I’m not yet totally convinced we are comparing apples and oranges as far as definitions of rum are concerned). Then there was the open letter to Facundo Bacardi, in which a former Bacardi President urged ‘focus’… All very negative… However in the last few days we’ve seen news stories indicating Bacardi have just purchased the Banks Rum ‘brand’ and taken full ownership of the cachaça brand: Leblon (they previously had a minority investment for a number of years).
Now this: the exclusive launch in Travel Retail of two single estate rums, given a ‘single malt’ status. Wow! What is going on?
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Pussers Rum Twitter Tasting

Up Spirits!

When: 7pm (BST+1), 29th July 2015
Hashtag: #ItsTotTime
All rum fans will know that Black Tot Day is now only a few weeks away and to mark passing of the Royal Navy Rum Ration, we’ve got together with Pusser’s Rum to host a Twitter Tasting which will take you through the full range currently available here in the UK; Namely Pusser’s Spiced, Blue Label 40%, Gunpowder Proof 54.5% and 15 Year Old. It’s an opportunity to find out a little more about Navy Rum, put your questions to the team behind the brand and (of course) sip some very fine rum! We might even chat cocktails…
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Piña Colada - Cocktail of the Week

Do You Like Piña Coladas?  

…and getting caught in the rain?* Scratch that – it’s really not important - but if you’re a) female and b) interested in making love at midnight – please email us on the usual address. The countdown to National Piña Colada Day - 10th July – is on. We’ve no idea whose nation is celebrating it (and probably don’t care either) as far as I’m concerned it’s always time for a Piña Colada…
*In typically English Summer style, it’s raining now… 
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