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Destination St Maarten…  

St Maarten has become the latest host country for the roving Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival which will take place on 6th & 7th November 2015. Now in its fifth year, the festival brings together some of the finest rum and beer products from the Caribbean and beyond, in a vibrant setting complete with Caribbean food, culture and entertainment.
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2015 Diplomático World Tournament Global Finals

...And The Winner Is?  

Sad news for the UK, in that our representative James Stevenson didn’t quite make it, but good news for New Zealand as their representative, Sai Hamsala was crowned the winner of the Diplomático World Tournament Finals in Venezuela
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Havana Club Icónica Collection Twitter Tasting Q2


1st June, 2015 7.30pm (UK)

We’ve the next question in a series which will allow one further lucky UK based rummy the opportunity to get involved in the exciting Havana Club Icónica Collection Twitter Tasting we are hosting on the 1st of June. You’ll be sipping and learning all about Havana Club Selección de Maestros, 15YO, the brand new Unión and finishing with the super exclusive Máximo. Exciting eh? Read on to find out how it could be you!
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Havana Club Icónica Collection Twitter Tasting


1st June, 2015 7.30pm (UK)

We’ve exciting news at RumShackHQ! The countdown to an exciting Twitter Tasting has started and furthermore, we want you to get involved. I’m sure that when we tell you it’s going to feature the Icónica Collection, namely the four top end expressions of rum that Havana Club has to offer, you’ll want to get involved as well.
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Appleton Estate Rum New Packaging

“Redefining Quality from Cane to Cup”  

Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum have revealed a new naming classification and packaging design for their three core products. We’ve all the details and the thinking behind the changes right here for your consideration. The great Will Shakespeare once said "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" and in this case it’s literally true, the names may be unfamiliar, but the comfort of the rum remains as sweet.
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Diplomático World Tournament Global Finals Preview

It’s not just about winning… 

…It’s also all about the Beach! [Part 2]

Twenty-eight of the world’s best bartenders are currently winging their way to Barquisimeto, Venezuela for the Global Finals of the Diplomático World Tournament. It’s easy to say it’s going to be super tough for the judges this time, but I think it really will be and I wanted to preview both those competing and two of the serves that will be vying for the top spot.
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Havana Club UK Summer Mojito Campaign

Rum, Mint, Lime & Sugar…  

We've just heard that Havana Club have declared this summer to be mojito flavoured…
Now I’m a real sucker for a good mojito and as the upturn in the weather has me thinking very much of summer, getting the news that Havana Club are making a point of taking the mojito to the masses this summer makes me super happy! Even better news? There’s all manner of ways of getting involved.
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Yaguara Blended White Organic Cachaça UK Launch

The Blend Is The Key…  

We’ve seen a new Cachaça is due to be released in the UK anytime now – not surprised by that, a great many brands will be hoping to capitalise on Brazil being on everyone’s lips as they are hosting next summer’s Olympic Games. All successful brands need a unique sales point and Yaguara are claiming theirs is all about the blend.
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Morant Bay Spiced Rum

Inspired By Jamaica…  

Boldly styled and promising a taste revolution born right here in the UK. Morant Bay was revealed to the world weeks before it was first publically sampled. Nothing wrong with that, fairly normal in fact. But claiming to be a Jamaican rum despite being made here in the UK? Well, that sure caused a stir! But what’s the truth of the matter? Read on and we’ll elaborate.
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Captain Morgan White Rum UK Release

Who’s That Fella In The Red Coat?  

It was a few months back when Diageo revealed their White Rum. Better known for the ever-present Captain Morgan, this see-through version was initially released in the US and I didn’t think there would be much chance of us seeing it here in the UK. Looks like I was mistaken as the announcement was made officially a few days ago.
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New Brands Featuring at Miami Rum Festival This Year

Rum Nirvana…  

We love attending Rum Festivals (and it’s not just to sip lots of free rum), predominantly it’s to keep up with the new brands coming to market as much as it’s a great opportunity to keep in contact with those already established. Rum Festivals in different countries present brands that may or may not make it to our home market, but that doesn’t make them any less interesting – keeping up with the wonderful diversity that that rum has to offer is the key. The good news is that this year, the new Trade Expo format at the Miami Rum Festival has uncovered quite a showing of new expressions for us to check out.
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Up Coming Rum Clubs at Trailer Happiness

Dates For Your Rum Diary  

Following hot on the heels of last week’s Diplomatico Rum Club, we are happy to confirm the future is bright and very rummy!
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The UKs Favourite Bartender with Sailor Jerry

And The Winner Is…  

Ages ago we supported Sailor Jerry in their Bartender Appreciation Day promotion – a worthy cause and something we’d always endorse! It had kinda slipped my mind, but an email the other day reminded me of the winner and I just wanted to take a minute to share it with you all.
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Bacardi UK Legacy Cocktail Competition Winner

And The Winner Is…  

Last night at an intimate (and dare I say) secretive location, the winner of the UK Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition was named. It’s fair to say that any of the three finalists could have walked away with the prize, but in the end there can be only one…
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Young Cuban – Cocktail of the Week

A Future Classic…  

I held off running a Cocktail of the Week serve this week, least ways until the winner of the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition was announced. All three serves in the running were excellent, but in the end Ally Martin’s serve, Young Cuban won on the night at so Ladies and Gentlemen… I present the Young Cuban as our Cocktail of the Week!
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Bacardi UK Legacy Cocktail Competition 3MP 2014 Review

It’s Decision Time…  

The 25th September 2014 saw three UK Bartenders selected as the Three Most Promising (3MP) and thus put forward to enjoy a period of six months in which they promote both themselves and their serve – ostensibly to allow the UK Bacardi team to make a more educated decision on which of the three had the best chance of winning the Global Finals in May this year. This phase of the competition ended last week and I don’t work for Bacardi, but I’m pretty damn sure this choice has had to be the most difficult of all time.
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Plantation Original Dark Rum New Look and Taste

Kaizen Rum Style…  

Ferrand have revealed a change in the production process of Plantation Original Dark Rum. Originally produced containing rums from Trinidad & Tobago, now Plantation Original Dark will also include rich Jamaican rums. 
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Foursquare Rum UK Tour Dates 2015

Richard Seale Rum Masterclasses  

We don’t often have Richard Seale of Foursquare Distillery (Doorly's, RL Seale, Rum SixtySix, Old Brigand, ESA Field) in Barbados, here in the UK that often. So the opportunity to hear him speak on the technical aspects of rum (and other things) are limited. Eaux de Vie / Marussia Beverages have lined up a whistle-stop tour (that’s entirely outside London) for next week. Details of which follow.
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Corn N Oil – Cocktail of the Week

The Bajan Connection…  

I was a little undecided as to where to go next with our Cocktail of the Week serve, but given yesterday’s Rum School at Sugar Cane was on the subject of rums from Barbados, there seemed to be only one choice… Ladies and Gentlemen… The Corn N’ Oil.
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Miami Rum Fest and International Trade Expo

6 Weeks and Counting…  

The Miami Rum Renaissance Festival, now in its seventh year, is bringing new rum brands to the United States and Miami for the very first time. Held April 17 to 19 at the DoubleTree Miami Airport Convention Center, the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival and Trade Expo features three days of grand tasting events for consumers and members of the spirits industry trade.
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Spiridom World of Rum

Trying To Make Sense Of It All…  

Recently Spiridom, a company that distributes a number of agricole rhums released an infographic called The World of Rum. A simple tool designed to help complete rum-novices make some sense of the varied world of rum. To say it's been met with a storm of comments would be an understatement, but the source of the information for most - an article in the Spirits Business - didn't include the background reasoning and ambitions behind the project. Something I can share at this time because the intent is entirely valid, even if the first draft could do with a bit of a tweak.
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