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Supermarket Gold  

We are super happy that El Dorado 5 year old rum will become available nationwide through Sainsbury’s from the end of July 2016. ED5 is a versatile and tasty rum – and UK rummies are better off for having it more widely available. We’ve all the details and a few tasty serves to help you get the best from your bottle! 
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Behind Bars Akademia

"Let’s make the difference together"  

It’s not very often that the topic of conversation veers away from rum here at, but when it does, I like to think it’s for a good reason. The bartending world of which I’ve become very close to tends to produce some big-hearted people and it’s for that reason I’m writing about the Behind Bars Akademia.
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The Spirit Show London

The World of Spirits Finds a New Home!  

When: 9th & 10th December 2016
Where: Business Design Centre
52 Upper Street
London N1 0QH
As a chap who is passionate about promoting the category of rum, the biggest issue that anyone has is getting in front of people in a meaningful way. Websites, social media and anything electronic are good – but actually sampling and sharing the story face to face is really important. With the arrival of The Spirit Show, we might just be ticking all the boxes.
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Spirit of Tiki Launches in London

Aloha London!  

When: 14 & 15th August 2016
Where: Beach 338, 
338 Boord Street
London SE10 0PF 
The US (of A) can quite rightly claim the ownership of tiki and whilst the Brits and others around the world have done their best and quite often, done extremely well at making it their own, they can never claim it’s place of birth. Donn Beach and Trader Vic started a craze that has found its way to the modern day. In fact, the tiki subculture is in very good health – not since its heyday has the drinks scene seen so many new tiki bars opening around the world. But with the exception of one or two events, the US enjoys so many tiki celebrations it verges on the sickening. Tiki Oasis, Tiki Con and the Hukilau to name but a few. Fortunately, the UK in its own small way is getting a foothold – this summer, The Spirit of Tiki hits the ground running in London.
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New Format for Bacardí Legacy 2017 Competition

Be Part of The Legacy  

As I’ve followed the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition for years now, I feel I have the right to say it needed a shake up – and I’d certainly not have bothered covering it this time around had it remained the same, but as things have been given a frisk down and rearranged in a few key ways (i.e. not as drawn out and increased scope in terms of rums to be used), I can’t help but be drawn back into the drama… So folks, here we go again as the competition returns for its ninth edition in 2017 and Bacardi invite you all to be a part of the legacy!
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The Duppy Share Rum Blending Evenings

Ready, Steady, Blend with The Duppy Share Rum  

The Duppy Share are inviting you to join their masterclasses this summer and create your very own rum. Our friends Jess and George at The Duppy Share are asking “Mastered the mojito?  Now's your chance to craft your own spirit. We're sharing the secrets of rum blending with a series of masterclasses at Youngs and Geronimo Pubs this summer”
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Brand New Look for Koko Kanu Revealed

Coconut Rum…  

It’s our go-to coconut rum and we think the new look rather cool. Read on to hear more about Koko Kanu’s Piña Colada Day Celebration plans and find the links to some rather cool cocktail resources that will maximise your enjoyment of the lovely new look bottle.
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Elements Eight Rum Celebrates 10 Years

...With A New Look!  

Not long after we started our rummy quest back in 2009, was introduced to Elements Eight Rum. I have to admit it was via the rather fun/crazy/hilarious ‘Reinvent a classic’ series of competitions at Trailer Happiness, rather than in any serious, highbrow kinda way – but we’ve been in contact ever since and so as soon as the details of the new look for E8 hit the headlines, we got in contact with Brand Owner, Carl Stephenson to get more of a feel for the thinking behind the move.
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Goslings Rum Twitter Tasting


When: 19th July, 7.30-9.00pm (BST)
It’s very eye for my eye to be caught by something new or hard to find, but one thing I’m completely guilty of is not checking back with old favourites – our latest Twitter Tasting aims to remedy that. I look back with fondness on some of the Goslings Rum Masterclasses we enjoyed and chatting with Malcolm Gosling the 7th generation of rummy Bermudian folks. We’ll be sampling the relatively new Goslings Gold Seal, Goslings Rum Black Seal and Goslings Family Reserve Rum. We’ve also got something else – but I’ll keep that to myself for now. 
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Aroma Academy Training Sessions

Aroma Academy Announce Training Courses at Imbibe Live! 

The team at Aroma Academy have lined up a set of training days to run in few weeks’ time. The perfect starting point for anyone wishing to explore their own abilities and further enhance them, then it’s well worth booking a place! For all the drinks industry professionals getting along to Imbibe Live next week, you’ve a fab opportunity to investigate the kits further and if you’re keen to secure a spot, then the team will be taking bookings with a discount available to those paying at the show.
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Sailor Jerry The Ride 2016 Cocktails

A Trio of Tasty Cocktails!  

We previously covered the news that the UK Sailor Jerry team are holding another ‘The Ride’ event this summer – starting in less than two weeks – and to help you celebrate the fact, they’ve come up with a trio of tasty, simple serves inspired by the teams competing and we’ve the details for you all!
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10 Facts for Caipirinha Virgins Celebrating International Cachaça Day

Got To Love A Good Listicle Right?  

I got the following release from the team behind Sagatiba here in the UK and whilst I’m not endorsing all the facts, I’m certainly happy enough to share as they really do help to highlight the depth of history, diversity and engrained nature of the Spirit of Brasil! 
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FAIRPlay During Euro 2016

A Game Of Two Halves… #FAIRPlay...   

The team at FAIR Spirits are calling on bartenders to share their creativity and give consumers in the US, UK, France, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan & Singapore something fun and different to look forward to during the Euro 2016 football competition.
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Abelha Organic Cachaça Announces Winner of Limited Edition Label

…And The Winner Is?  

Brazilian designer and illustrator, Daniel Vincent Gomes, has won Abelha Organic Cachaça’s international competition to design a limited edition label for its Silver Cachaça!  Daniel’s design will go onto an initial run of 600 bottles of Abelha Organic Cachaça – Silver which will be available from August.
The label will be officially unveiled at a celebration at Barrio Shoreditch on Tuesday 28th June where Daniel’s artwork and bottle, along with the works of another nine international artists who also entered the competition, will be exhibited.
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All Aboard The Appleton Estate Rum Bus

…For An Authentic Taste Of Jamaica  

We are a little late in reporting this, but the Appleton Estate Rum Bus is gearing up for its eight-date UK tour of Foodies Festival events, kicking off last week in London’s Syon Park, 28-30 May (sorry) and culminating in Oxford, 2-4 September 2016. It really is a great way to get to grips with the brand if you’ve not tried it before (incidentally what on earth have you been doing with yourself if you haven’t?).
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Appleton Estate Reserve Blend Now On Sale In The UK


It seems to have been one of the more drawn out releases in history, but I do appreciate it takes time to build up volumes and use up existing stock. The 8-Year-Old was a particular fav and I’ve never before felt the urge to rush and buy a couple of cases for old time sakes, but I did this time. Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom…
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Cuban Crowned Champion At 11th Havana Club Cocktail Grand Prix

The Home Team Takes The Top Spot!  

Congratulations to Amaury Cepeda on winning the recent Havana Club Cocktail Grand Prix in Havana, Cuba. We didn’t see how the competition played out – but from the specification of the winning serve, which seems to be simple and sounds delicious – it looks well deserved. Now if only we can find out where we can get sour orange and fresh cane juice from…  ;-)
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Rum Showcase at The Larder House

A World of Rum!  

When: 17th & 18th June 2016
7.30pm to midnight
Where: The Larder House
4 Southbourne Grove
Cost: £60 per ticket
For Event Details Click Here
The Larder House (one of our fav local hotspots) has developed a reputation for throwing a party on a grand scale. James and team often go all out to make an experience truly memorable and have previously tackled the categories of gin and whisky (part of which involved flooding a section of the restaurant to create a Japanese water garden). This time – and perhaps because of influence – it’s going to be all about the world of rum. Yeap – the whole world of rum – tackled across five stages – in one evening! *
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Global Finals of the Rhum Clément Ti-Punch Cup

“I say Rhum, you say Clément!”  

A short while ago, seventeen bartenders and all the associated brand teams, journalists and a few rhum enthusiasts from ten countries came together on the beautiful country of Martinique – a real jewel of the eastern Caribbean – to contest the Global Finals of the Rhum Clément Ti’Punch Cup! And I have to tell you that was super excited to be a part of what proved to be an amazing trip.
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The Hukilau 15th Anniversary Celebration June 8-12th 2016

A Tiki Celebration!  

The Hukilau will celebrate its 15th anniversary in June with a historic celebration of Tiki culture and the 60th anniversary of The Mai-Kai, joined by a very special guest artist. Shag, aka Josh Agle, will provide his artistic talents and also participate in several special events at the Hyatt Regency Pier 66 hotel. Co-founder/organizer Christie "Tiki Kiliki" White promises "a celebration of epic proportions" during the June 8-12 festivities. 
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RumBoat Retreat A Top Location To Stay In Grenada

The Home of Rum In Grenada!    

The eagle-eyed reader might well notice that this website carries a link for the Rumboat Retreat in Grenada. This fab location is the result of the hard work of our friend Lisette who had a specific vision for a place that vacationers to Grenada could enjoy! Actively promoting all the wonderful cultural and natural places on the Spice Isle, but also rum – which is not only the spirit of Grenada but the Caribbean as well!
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